Laura Lee Cat's Pajamas Eyeshadow Palette

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The Cat's Pajamas palette features a floral mirror and 10 highly pigmented, pressed powder eyeshadows. It includes 1 semi-matte/satin, 5 matte and 4 shimmer eyeshadows.

These extremely versatile eyeshadows work together for you to create a dark smokey look, a soft look, or anything in between!

Whether you're a makeup beginner or a professional makeup artist, anyone can enjoy this eyeshadow palette.

Featuring the following shades:

Redonkulus (Copper Shimmer)
Okie Dokie (Off White Matte)
Scatter Brain (Pale Gold Shimmer)
Bomb Diggity (Caramel Matte)
Cray Cray (Deep Burnt Orange Matte)
Quirky (Deep Purple Shimmer)
Kooky (Amaranth Matte)
In One Ear (Burgundy Shimmer)
Out The Other (Plum Shimmer)
Odd Ball (Black Shimmer)